Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Poster Like Image and Camera App Concept

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Phoenix Pham sent us two Samsung Galaxy S5 renders, one that looks much like a poster and the other one supposed to demo a new camera app. Frankly speaking the camera app looks very much like the last gen camera UI.

galaxy s5 poster

The Galaxy S5 design made by Phoenix Pham is already known, an edge to edge render with a 5.2 inch 2K display and a metallic case. Of course, some of the features are my speculations and some may end up being real. By the way, since our last Samsung Galaxy S5 concept we found out we may actually get to see the smartphone next month a day before MWC 2014 instead of March 2014.

galaxy s5 camera app

More and more designers and leaksters are talking about this new Samsung smartphone and the idea of no physical Home button. We’re expecting virtual buttons and considering the 5.2 inch diagonal, there’s plenty of room for those. I’m curious to see the new authentication system on the Galaxy S5, either based on the iris of the user or the fingerprint. What are you excited about regarding this flagship?

[Thanks Phoenix Pham]

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