Samsung Galaxy S5 Render by Sergio Miguel

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In spite of the fact that for some reason we’re seeing more Galaxy S6 concepts than S5 models, we still get to check out renders for the 2014 version of the Galaxy S handset. The device is totally more rounded than past iterations and although we have no specs, we can speculate on its features.

Samsung Galaxy S5

This work belongs to Sérgio Miguel, who created a phone that features some sort of touch Home button with a tiny display on it, that shows the time. The handset seems to be very slim and it has a rounded top and bottom area. The TouchWiz UI seems to be pretty much the same, although with a 3D twist to it.

I’m expecting this device to take a page from the LG G2 playbook and feature a 5.2 inch edge to edge screen and possibly a REAL 8 core CPU, not a dual quad core setup like the Exynos 5 Octa versions of the S4. By the way, some 4G LTE connectivity wouldn’t hurt on Exynos versions. 3GB of RAM is also very likely, as well as 4K video capture. What are your expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

[Thanks Sergio Miguel]