Samsung Galaxy S6 versus S5, S4, S3… etc; Created By Tobias Hornof

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Tobias Hornof has not only rendered the Samsung Galaxy S6, but also compared it to all the Galaxy S models ever launched, from the first one to the S5. The newcomer is even bigger and makes the handset even more rectangular.

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept 1

Tobi didn’t mention any specs, but we can let our imagination run wild, can’t we? As far as I see, the phone goes for a bit of an iPhone-like approach at the front. The bezels are slim, while the back part features a squared camera area, a singular flash and what seems to be a pulse sensor. This time it’s close enough to the camera to make you touch it by mistake, quite often. This is not something one should do with a camera lens, even if protected by Gorilla Glass.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is incredibly slim, seems to adopt a metal frame and edge, while the Home button is a physical one. The speaker has been relegated to the lower back area and it’s bigger than before. The capacitive buttons look discrete and I sure hope they’re not the usual white light through plastic buttons. The change in bezel is shocking, as shown below:

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept 2

Samsung Galaxy S6 concept 3

[via Tobias Hornof]

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