Samsung Galaxy S8 Gets a Very, Very Early Render From Steel Drake (Video)

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I can’t say I’m surprised to see people are thinking of the future Galaxy S, even further than the one coming this year. After all, judging by the leaks, the Galaxy S7 is more of a Galaxy S6s, am I right? Well, designer Steel Drake has the Samsung Galaxy S8 figured out and below you can also check out a video of it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 1

The video was published by Mesut G Designs and it depicts a 6.8 mm thick smartphone, that measures 141 mm in length and 72 mm in width. The handset has beautiful lines and finally manages to cut as much as possible out of the top side, usually wasted by companies such as LG and Apple let’s say. The earpiece is a work of art, making me think a bit about Vertu and the curved screen edges are quite discrete.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 2

The SIM card slot is now at the bottom, together with 7 speaker holes and the audio jack and this area is also a bit curved and gets its own metal ring. It feels like the Galaxy S8 is curved both from back to front and from front to back, sort of like a big pill one takes for a headache, let’s say. It’s not only the top part that’s received a serious cut, as the area below the screen is ridiculously narrow.

It even makes the Samsung logo a bit crammed into space. A new feature here is the projector above the back camera and you should be sure to also check out the box of this model, that looks fantastic and “space-y”, as Apple would have it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 3

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 4

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 5

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 6

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept Steel Drake 7

[via Behance and Mesut G]

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  • Theo_Nitrox

    I really hope this is how the S8 would look

  • Noel

    To date…this is my best S8 render. Even though i am not much of an edge screen fan..i love love this render. There are rumors of the upcoming S8 being all screen with no bezels but i will take this render instead of an all screen S8. Just make sure it comes with a 4000+mAh juice pack. Again i love this render..hope someone Samsung or another OEM will bring it to life with all the key specs for 2017.