HTC Xperia 4 is an Edge to Edge Frankenstein of a Phone

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Designer Michael Muleba has created what may feel a sacrilege to both HTC and Sony Xperia fans, the HTC Xperia 4 concept. This is an edge to edge curved display phone, that feels like a Frankenstein of smartphones.

HTC Xperia 4 Xperia 4 Lite concept 1

The device has a 4K resolution and packs a 20.1 megapixel back camera with night mode and the screen also integrates a fingerprint scanner. The base model will come with 64 GB of storage and the CPU inside (probably a 20 core monster) will be clocked at 2.2 GHz. One thing is for sure: this handset is certainly going to use a Sony camera module, while HTC will provide the metal body design.

HTC Xperia 4 Xperia 4 Lite concept 2

There are two versions of the handset that are pictured, the Xperia 4 and the Xperia 4 Lite. I’m guessing one is a 5.5 incher and the other a 5.2 incher of sorts. Too bad we can’t see the back of the phone, because I’m sure it looks hot. We haven’t had a glass and metal phone yet with a massive camera like the one this Frankenstein could have.

HTC Xperia 4 Xperia 4 Lite concept 4

[via Michael Muleba]

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