Samsung Galaxy Tab 3D Is the Next Logical Step for the Tablets

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How about a 3D HD tablet to make you forget that a new working day has begun? And how about a new concept device from Joseph Dumary? Meet the Samsung Galaxy 3D Tab, a 3D HD tablet that comes with a bunch of very interesting specifications and a very appealing design.

I won’t want to hear any Apple associations, if possible, please… The Galaxy Tab 3D comes with support for DP Connection to the TV, a 3D HD camera at the back, the classic Galaxy interface (according to the designer), that means probably TouchWiz and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The display on this 3D tablet is a Full HD AMOLED Plus unit with high contrast and brilliant colors.

3 HD speakers are also on board and I sure hope that the screen on the tablet is a 3D one, although chances are slim. I don’t know why most companies are rushing to launch 3D camera devices, but they “forget” the 3D display… This is what crippled the LG G-Slate in my opinion and it would be a gold mine if Samsung launches a 3D Galaxy Tab.

[via Coroflot]