Samsung Galaxy Tab Round Curved Tablet Gets Rendered, Based on Patents

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Just when you thought Samsung had experimented enough with flexible televisions and the Galaxy Round and all that, there’s a fresh render inspired by patents to puzzle us. This image is supposed to show a curved tablet from Sammy.


This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Round apparently, a curved tablet design based on the Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 inch model. Samsung has already registered for a curved or flexile slate back in 2012 and they got the patent for a folded shape slate in the meantime. I’ve seen my share of folding and flexible phones and tablets over the year, but I really can’t tell what good are they.


What do they add to the experience? The first models will certainly be experimental and closer to failure than success. To me it’s either Samsung comes out with a finalized successful product, or gives up the whole thing. What’s next for the ever evolving South Korean company?


[via tablet news]

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