Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Note Edition Pictured By Technizo Concept, Letsgodigital

Today’s breaking news is the Samsung Galaxy S22 may be delayed and it could come in February instead of January 2022. In the meantime the Galaxy Note series is pretty much dead, but designers like Technizo Concept are trying to revive it and combine it with a Z Fold. The result can be seen below.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Note Edition is the creation of Technizo Concept and it was published by Letsgodigital. This is a pretty different device compared to what we’ve seen so far, as it sports a wraparound screen with S-Pen dock. Samsung is the most prolific maker of foldables, since it already has 6 under its belt. The future? A combo of a Note and Fold. Last month Samsung was awarded a patent for a “Galaxy Flex Note”, with a wraparound screen and an ingenious stylus dock.

The renders shown here are based on the Samsung Display patent images. The camera system has been revised and it looks more like the Z Fold 3, with some extra holes next to it. When unfolded, the device provides a similar screen size like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. We don’t have a separate cover/external screen, instead Samsung uses a wraparound panel with a patented model, which can be wrapped around the housing.

It’s not an inward flexible screen and you can see that better explained in the trailer below. The device has a side wing , which can be bent or expanded and it also hides an S-Pen into that small fold. It has two cutouts on the back of the wraparound display, so the S-Pen can be clamped in between when the phone is folded. This is a double foldable, so fragility may become an issue, as usual for these types of hinges.

via Letsgodigital

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