Samsung Project Valley Smartphone Folds, Unfolds, Runs Tizen OS

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There’s foldable phone concepts and then there’s the Samsung Project Valley model shown below. It’s the creation of Metti Farhang and he used all the leaked foldable handsets seen so far to make them into a pretty looking set of renders.

To top it all there’s also Tizen OS, if my eyes don’t mistake me. Of course we also get specs, quite crazy ones, like Gorilla Glass 6 opaque protection, 12 GB of RAM and a 32 megapixel camera coupled with a 12 MP, into a dual camera setup at the back. There’s a 9000 mAh battery inside, 256 GB of storage or even 512 GB and it’s all crammed within a dual SIM device, that weighs 198 grams.

There’s a Q dot OLED screen with 4K resolution and iris scanner too. It all folds around like a pamphlet and unlike those ugly sketches from patents, there are no seams or hinges here. When put flat on the table, it’s a perfectly solid tablet, with curved edges and it even gets an area typical to Edge models on the side. Excellent work!

The same designer also created a cool Galaxy Note 6 here.

[via Metti Farhang]

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