Finally a Rival for the Lumia: Sony Windows Phone Cybershot Handset

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The Nokia Lumia Pureview handset is seen by many as the ideal cameraphone and its rivals usually come from the Android ecosystem. Meanwhile, the older Windows Phone partners are sitting idle. Now what we get here is a Sony Windows Phone device, made by David Quijada, the sort of wet dream we’ve seen from the early days of Windows Phone.

Sony Windows Phone concept

The handset seems to adopt the famous Lumia yellow and it has an elongated body with a Cybershot camera with a metallic cover in the lens area. For some reason we get a very big camera button, unless it’s a zoom button of sorts and the handset seems to be made of glossy polycarbonate. The name of the Windows Phone concept is Sony Xperia Pix and this may make sense since the first Xperias were Windows Mobile devices actually.

I’d see this long phone with a 6 inch Full HD screen, a 20 megapixel Lens G camera, Snapdragon 800 CPU and 32 GB of storage. Windows Phone 8.1 should be included here, as well as a slew of camera apps NOT made by Nokia, if possible. Can Sony deliver that cameraphone?

[via Deviantart]

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