Jozef Kocúr Reveals Septimus One Windows Phone 7 Handset Design, Full 2010 Portofolio

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Jozef Kocúr is one of our most prolific contributors and you’ve surely seen his designs on our site. Now, he reveals a couple of images portraying the 2010 portofolio of his concepts. In the image below you can see (from left): Septimus XL, previously known as Yanq XL, XPERIA X20, Septimus One, X001, XPERIA Renovatio and SE Shio.


Septimus ONE is a WP7 series phone, while Shio is an Android device. In the image below you can see (from left): the XPERIA X20, Septimus One, XPERIA Renovatio and Shio. Jozef’s portofolio includes 4 smartphones, a tablet and one eco-friendly phone.

He also let us know that he’s preparing a brand new Sony Ericsson Walkman design. Keep up the good work, Jozef!


[Thanks Jozef]


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