Probably the First PlayStation 5 Concept is Here!

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We know this is not a phone render, but we don’t care! This PlayStation 5 concept is so cool, it’s certainly worth your time. Created by David Hansson, the device has some funky new joysticks, that seem to go back to the older design a bit and also a big of Logitech and Xbox in the mix.

playstation 5 concept 1

The triggers are absolutely superb and the whole console is very angled and looking like some sort of monolith made by aliens. It has a design worthy of an architecture piece, rather than a console. The joysticks have a texture that makes me think of carbon fiber and the console has a cool blue lightning system.

playstation 5 concept 2

The PlayStation 4 is already pretty cool, so we’re very excited about the idea of a PS5 concept. I’m guessing it has crazy specs like 16 GB of GDDR5 memory or something like that. I wonder if AMD will still be able to power this device, once it’s ready to develop into a real product.

playstation 5 concept 3

playstation 5 sketches

[via Deviantart]

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