PlayStation Xperia Concept is Retro Chic, Feels a Bit Steampunk

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Since it’s Sunday, we may as well relax with a console concept, the PlayStation Xperia shown below. This model feels like a massive jukebox, maybe even one extracted from the world of Bioshock even. This is the creation of Deviantart user Rhamnusphenomes.

PlayStation Xperia concept design 1

Unlike the PS4, this model doesn’t hide its buttons and doesn’t rely on gestures, but it clearly highlights the Power button and tray for inserting the Blu ray disc. Interestingly the metal Power button reminds me of the Xperia phones, although the Xperia Z5 changed that with an elongated button, with a fingerprint scanner included.

PlayStation Xperia concept design 2

Those metal (seemingly chromed) edges make the device seem more elegant and they also include a red lighting system. Overall, the case seems to be made of plastic or some derived material and somehow the curbed and bulbous front makes us think this model is more prone for a vertical orientation.

PlayStation Xperia concept design 3

PlayStation Xperia concept design 4

PlayStation Xperia concept design 5

PlayStation Xperia concept design 6

[via Deviantart]

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