Old School Goes New School: Ericsson T28 and Nokia 3310 are Back From the Dead

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The folks of Curved/labs have come back with some incredibly realistic designs, as shown in the images below. They brought back two of the phones that rocked the early 2000s and late 1990s, the Ericsson T28 and Nokia 3310, two landmark phones in the history of handsets.

Nokia 3310 concept new 1

Both models sold millions of units and they evoke nostalgia in many people. Before there was Windows Phone and Android, before 99% of all phones were rectangles, there was originality and beauty. Curved/Labs rewrite history and shows us a smart Ericsson T28 with Android on board and a Nokia 3310 with Windows Phone, a huge display and a 41 megapixel Pureview camera. The T28 replaces the keyboard with a sloped screen and it shows apps and widgets on its monochrome screen.

Ericsson T28 concept 1

The Ericsson keeps its bulky antenna and big earpiece and it brings an edge to edge display with virtual Android buttons, plus the flip area that closes up on top of the lower screen area. The new Nokia 3310 is very bulky and curved, but it looks like a supercar from the profile. Its cool physical buttons at the bottom are kept and the screens looks very hot, in a color version.

Everything is curved here: the sides of the phone, the display, the profile and I imagine there’s a huge battery inside. This handset also does 4G LTE connectivity, so it has modern specs. Brilliant blast from the past!

Nokia 3310 concept new ericsson t28 2

[via Curved/Labs]

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