Sony Cyber-shot K8 2023 Is the Reincarnation of the Sony Ericsson K790/K800

If you look at the current popular music and movies, also TV shows, you’ll notice that the nostalgia plays a large part of them. That’s why the last Dua Lipa album was well received and also “Stranger Things”. They exude 80s nostalgia. Now we go back to the early 2000s, courtesy of a Sony Cyber-Shot concept.

It’s dubbed Sony Cyber-Shot K8 2023 and it’s meant to be the reincarnation of the Sony Ericsson K790/K800. Rendered by GSMAholic, the device channels a time when the Sony Ericsson phone had a Xenon flash and even some form of stabilization. It was also a cool time for buttons, since we had physical buttons on the side. There’s a triple lens camera at the back this time, with a 108 megapixel main sensor as the star. The 6.5 inch 4K OLED display is present, inherited from the last Xperias.

It’s also got HDMI capability, which has been gone from phones for a while now. Some do have the output of video signal from the USB-C port. There’s a Snapdragon 865 CPU inside for some reason, even though a Snapdragon 870 is the least you can expect here, maybe even a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. At least the software is on point, Android 13, which is coming out this Fall. The bezels of the screen are rather large, but they’re also part of the testimony to the greatness of the K800.

We’d also like to see optical zoom, quad speakers and turn this into a media powerhouse.

via GSMAholic

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