Sony Ericsson C910 Is a 10.1 Megapixel Cameraphone, Promising Concept

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Although we’re still fascinated by the Sony Ericsson Idou 12.1 megapixel cameraphone, there’s room for one or two handsets in our hearts. One of those could be Sony Ericsson C910, a concept phone designed by Esato user echo.shane. This compact cameraphone packs a touch display, Symbian OS and 8GB internal memory.

Sony Ericsson C910 features a 10.1 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi b/g, face detection, video light and all of that is hidden inside a 97 x 50 x 17 mm case. Plausible design? What do you say?


 [via Esato]

  • Lester

    looks more like a digicam than a phone..but it looks nice..

  • Martins

    I love sonyericsson c910 slide. because he gat everything i want. features 10.1 megapixel. xeno flash. GPS. Wi Fi. and 8GB internal memory. An again. we need a powerful scream resolution. standard battery 100Am. just like sonyericsson satio……so. we happy to see it. thank you………..:)

  • Martins

    I vote…. sonyericsson to be… best mobile in the world…..:)

  • Martins

    When… c910 will be.. available???…

  • Martins

    That’s my phone….:)

  • Echo shane

    Thanks for all the comments. If only sony ericsson could make this phone real. This phone is not real its just a concept i did. More to come soon. Hope sony ericsson use them

  • Martins

    We are still waitting for c910 slide…. so esato what are you waitting for….

  • shinn_asuka313

    IMHO,looks like LG KC 550…
    but it’s nice though.

  • imRan

    hi all
    I wanna buy c910. . if anyone have and wanna sell this pleeeeez contact 03005599924

  • suseelan

    c910 sony ericsson cyber shot mobile is one of the best mobile for combering other mobiles