Sony Ericsson Glory is an Android 2.2 PSP Phone, Based on NVIDIA Tegra 3

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Everybody’s going nuts with PSP Phone designs these days, but this time we have an interesting approach to the matter. Terrillo Walls created the Sony Ericsson Glory handset, a very slim gaming phone with PSP-like features. Considering the size of the device and how slim it is, this would make a pretty good tablet, don’t you think (if it were bigger)?

Sony Ericsson Glory runs Android 2.2 and it comes with a 1.3 GHz dual core Tegra 3 processor and a 4 inch multitouch display. The handset supports social networking features and uses the PlayStation Home service, a community-based social networking offer from Sony. This means that you’ll connect to your PS3 and the PSN account using this device.


  • mouse

    F OFF SONY..signed a disappointed X10 customer

  • benjif

    Already downgraded from android OS 3.0 to 2.2. And another fiasco like the xperia x10 in sight, still running on 1.6 when HTC just updated all Desires to 2.2 last month(included network own specs)!!!!

  • hugo

    Hey Sony, will your new phones get hyped up like the X10 then leave your customers on the s.hit bin when it comes to software updates?

  • Anonymous

    I’m bricking Sony where’s 2.2 for X10 that everybody else got…lagging losers. Get Android 2.2 on X10 or brick off for good. Future no longer SE customer.

  • nik

    Abandoning SE products. Everyone else is on 2.2 where is that current Os upgrade for the X10 current on the market that i just bought…SE needs to get on board with 2.2 upgrade for X10 so it can be on level with current standards…they’re slow. Avoid SE products and check out the competion running current technolgies for their equipment.