Sony Ericsson Just Confirmed the PSP Phone… or Did They?

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Not getting enough out of your PSP or Nintendo DS? Yes, we’ve shown you , but the real thing’s always better. This time we have some official and confirmed info that claims Sony Ericsson signed a deal with GestureTek, in order to create a Nintendo Wii-style gaming experience and port it to the SE phones.


The new software will rely on the one used on the Eye Toy device and it’ll make use of the new handsets’ camera, working just like the accelerometer does in the case of some . There are also 2 titles mentioned as compatible with the new handset/software: Crash Bandicoot and Super Monkey Ball.

Can the phone using GestureTek’s technology really be the long-awaited PSP Phone? We’ll just have to wait for Fall 2008 to find out…


[via Intomobile and Pocket-lint]