Sony Ericsson Smartphone for Snowboarders, Operate it With Gloves!

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This must be the most original handset I’ve seen lately and talk about niche public segment! Well, this Sony Ericsson concept phone, designed by Christine Park is a product for snowboarders, as it can be used with your gloves on with the aid of its rotating segments. Want to access the features of the device?

Start twisting this handset’s mechanism and you’ll scroll through different menu options with the aid of “knobs”, as the designer calls them.


There’s also a large button to push in order to make your selection and the only problem I can see in the case of this concept is the long twisting you’ll have to do in order to reach the needed options plus the fact that those knobs will grow loose in time and start malfunctioning.

All in all, it’s a brilliant idea that should make it to manufacturing stage some day and into a Mountain Dew snowboarding commercial.


[via Coroflot]