Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Eureka, Power and Elegance in a Conceptual Package

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When Razec from Esato designs a Sony Ericsson concept phone, you know you’re in for a treat… This is also the case of XPERIA X10, a very neat smartphone concept, bearing the codename of Eureka. This is a curved side sliding device, with dual front design, metallic finish and brushed metal finish.


Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 supports quadband HSUPA, GSM, UMTS, EDGE connectivity, but there’s also WiMAX on board, WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and DLNA technology. The handset’s display is a 640 x 320 color TFT, a resistive touchscreen with support for handwriting recognition and full finger navigation.

X10’s specs list also includes a full QWERTY keyboard, stereo speakers, a 600 MHz TI OMAP 3430 CPU, 192MB RAM, 256MB Flash memory, 16GB of internal memory and the famous Symbian OS. Opera 9.7 handles the web browsing, while the UIQ UI Theme handles the interactions.


What would a hot and new XPERIA handset be without a very cool camera? Enter the 8.1 megapixel sensor featured on the Eureka/X10, coming with autofocus, LED flash, Sony G-Lens, stereo sound video (WVGA 30 fps), 20x digital zoom and a mineral glass lens cover.

The phone’s battery is a Lithium Polymer 1500 mAh unit and mobile gamers out there were not forgotten, as Razec’s concept also comes with a dual mode QWERTY keyboard, doubling as gaming keys.


Widescreen aspect ratio will make gaming on the X10 a pleasure and there’s even a neat accessory for the phone, also in the conceptual stage: the IDC 900 electronic hard case, you can check out below. The case incorporates a a 176 x 36 OLED display, a digital clock and an internal fast port.

I have to say that Razec did a great job with this concept and I’m really curious to see his next device, a QWERTY Symbian phone with a panel/widgets UI on board.




[via Esato]

  • kirakun224

    wow… dat is very nice.. but i juz got xperia x1 n now dey cum up dis x10… omg

  • zerodown

    it will be best if it will support xenon and the standard 3.5mm jack.. most of us prefer to have our own 3.55mm headset.. and xenon bulb really makes a difference!!!

  • zoey479

    what kind of navigation system does it come with?

  • Mekik

    Even yet to be released but still using old technology. Appreciated if Sony Ericsson could release new phone model with new technology. Not interested with this phone anyway (old technology).

  • Matt

    Is this a new model of the sony ericsson xperia x10? cause i was set on getting it, but now a better looking model comes out, could someone tell me if this is real?

  • Rickman

    I love this phone!! A real iPhone 4 killer! I would buy it in a heart beat! Sony Ericsson are you watching this? Razec did an incredible job on this phone, real classy! I especially like the keyboard and tilt screen. Real cool if Sony Ericsson could pull off those design ideas. I also really liked the hard shell case with the OLED display well thought out design.

  • par

    thats not the xperia x10