Sony Xperia Honami is All About the One Sony Concept

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Over the past days I’ve seen quite a few leaks of the Sony Xperia Honami handset, but today we also get a concept, courtesy of Sanjaya Kanishka. We’re dealing with a model that has been rumored lately together with Sony Xperia Togari, as part of the new One Sony direction.

Xperia Honami

These are devices that will bring together under the same wing all cool Sony technologies, from Cybershot to Walkman, Bravia and Xperia, maybe even PlayStation. While the Xperia Togari is expected to be a 6.4 inch phablet and it remains a mystery, the Xperia Honami is pictured here and specced by the designer mentioned before. The front side of the device is covered by Sapphire glass and the cover involves aluminum oxide compounds, for ultra toughness and scratch resistance.

At the bottom we’ve got a long grille for liquid magnetic speakers. Honami is quite similar to the Xperia XL, in that it covers a large amount of the facade with the display. We get a 5 inch edge to edge 1080p Triluminous display here and specs also include a 16.2 megapixel Exmor RS camera, with Sony G lens and Cybershot technology, plus Xenon flash. Also on board is a quad core Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, microSD, HDMI and a 2930 mAh battery. More details in the source link below!

[via mobilized tech]

  • jack

    i like design this

  • Alex

    The best. What else can I say? But can sony add some feature like xperia zola has and smart stay air view etc as Galaxy S4 have. It should be bezel free again like the Galaxy S4 has. The background of messaging ui should full be colorfull like S4.

  • Sem

    I will be happy if Honami with cyber-shot, will destroy nokia pureview, but little hard to believe … Sony has always promises more than makes.

  • Anon

    I like if they include the camera sanpshot button like ZL does AND water proof.

    I’m telling you, instant buy for me.

  • @jack : thanks

    @Alex : yeah it would be great if have air gestures. i hope in real device they will use it

    @sem : competition getting more high now.Nokia Lumia 928 with Xenon flash is confirmed. it may spot the 41MP pure view camera.

    @Anon : i totally forgot about was the major drawback. but it has the IP 58 Dust/Water resistance.

  • Rockarel

    Hey Sanjaya, very nice rendering, I’d love to see the phone come out like that, with the screen really packed to the edges! One comment I have is the camera lens may not be offset like that, since they’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on the whole “omni-balance” design philosophy.

    Just a thought, nice work though!

  • @Rockarel : Thanks alot and your thought is right. i was aware of camera placements effect on Omni balance thing..thnx again

  • jamie

    First of all why don’t you just get an s4 also the bezel is what gives it its strength if it didn’t have it it would be just as fragile as the s3 and s4

  • Sujester

    Why make everything like the S4? Sony ha a unique design standpoint that’s tidy and simple but very user friendly and attractive.

  • Zulfiker

    I think it is one of te most wanderfull smart phone.

  • ruswandy

    oh my god… its amazing…
    the best smartphones in the world..