Sony Xperia ZR2 Rendered in a Pretty Predictable Way

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The Sony Xperia ZR2 is the latest concept phone we’ve received via email and I have to say it isn’t exactly impressive. First thing I noticed was that the designer left the Xperia blog logo on the screen, so that’s basically copy/paste Photoshop basic skills.

sony xperia zr2 concept

There’s no point in talking about the usual Omnibalance, rectangular design, but we could address the lower than 5 inch diagonal. Sony Xperia ZR2 comes with an octa core 64 bit Snapdragon 615 processor, a 4.8 inch 720p TFT LCD display and 2 GB of RAM. There’s 16 GB of storage inside, a microSD card slot, a 13 MP back camera and a front 5 MP shooter.

The handset packs Android 5.1 Lollipop, with the trademark Xperia UI and other specs include a 2600 mAh battery, plus a case with a 7.5 mm waistline and a metal frame. By the way, I’ve heard some rumors that Sony Xperia Z5 will finally change the Xperia Z series design to something new. Can’t wait!

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