XPERIA Candela Phone Goes Live… Mockup, of Course

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I could have waited for a couple of days, to see if razec’s Sony Ericsson XPERIA Candela concept “live” picture fools any major gadget blog, but this image is too hot to be ignored. We’re dealing with a mockup of the XPERIA design we’ve shown you previously, a very, very good Photoshop job.


I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sony Ericsson Candela phone become real, but I doubt that SE will please the talented Esato board member. In this case, what can we do? All of us, futuristic device fans and industrial design freaks will have to unite into a single community, get in touch with developers and maybe some day, a minor phone manufacturer will approach the community and release the device…

Is open source production the way to go?

[via Esato]