Xperia Trail is a Limited Edition Phone With Funky Buttons

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The same Oky Aditya who created this appealing Xperia render came up with the Sony Xperia Trail, shown below.  This device is supposed to be a limited edition unit, with high end specs that include a 5 inch Triluminos display.

Xperia Trail concept

Said display supports a Full HD resolution, X Reality technology and 16 million colors shown. The handset is waterproof and dust proof and also resilient to scratches. Xperia Trail integrates a 20.7 megapixel camera with G Lens, Sony Exmor RS for mobile image sensor and a front 5 MP camera. There’s support for 4K video recording offered by the back camera, by the way.

Nice to see we have a special corner of the device dedicated to hanging lanyards or stuff like that. Also, I see that the camera has been moved from the corner to the center of the upper back and that the volume buttons and camera button on the side are quite unusually designed. Other than that this model feels very much like Xperia Z and the Z1…

[Thanks  Oky Aditya]

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