Surface Phone 2 is Inspired by the New Surface Tablet

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Jonas Daehnert has designed quite a few brilliant Nokia devices over the years and now he’s back with something pretty close to the Finnish brand, that almost belongs to Microsoft now. He created a Surface Phone 2 concept, shown below.

Surface Phone 2 concept 1

The inspiration here was the Surface 2 tablet and this new device is 7 mm thin and packs a 4.7 inch Full HD screen. If I were to guess, this feels like a magnesium case and I expect a Snapdragon 800 CPU inside, 2 GB of RAM, a cross between Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1 on board and 32 GB of storage. The speakers at the bottom are totally Surface material, while the overall rectangular format of the device, with no rounded areas gives it a more serious look.

The camera also adopts an interesting look, but the lens feels a tad small compared to modern standards. This feels like a light phone that’s cold all the time, which makes it a solid iPhone 5s alternative. I wonder how long it will take Microsoft to figure out that they need to make such a phone… Maybe till Motorola goes ahead and uses this design of the Surface Phone 2.

[via Phone Designer]

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