Sony Xperia Compact Foldable Phone Could Happen

Of all the companies that could make a foldable phone, Sony seemed like the less likely candidate. They’re pretty slow to adopt design trends and even now they haven’t cut their cameras into the screens. Today we have some renders of a potential Sony Xperia Compact foldable phone.

Sony could make a clamshell that belongs to the “Flip” family. This rumor popped up from a forum post in South Korea, but the source is not 100% legit. The source claims that we’ll see a next gen high end clamshell phone that pertains to the Xperia Compact series. Gone are the days when Sony experimented with the Tablet P, Tablet S and Xperia Play devices.

These days they’re playing it safe with 21:9 elongated remote control-style devices, with large resolutions, physical camera buttons and too many camera options and apps. They have no less than 3 or even 4 camera apps preinstalled. Honestly I can’t see a foldable phone being good or productive for Sony.

The device pictured here is behind the current offering, behind Samsung, OPPO, Motorola. It has a gap between the two sides a bulky hinge, possibly a lower end camera than expected. Sony is too much about cameras to make this a mediocre device.

via gsmarena

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