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SoftBank’s Information Revolution Concept is Scary, Brings Together Final Fantasy, Minority Report and Gamer (Video)

If you’ve seen Minority Report, Surrogates, Gamer (the movies) and played a Final Fantasy title with futuristic setting, you know what to expect from the following video. We’ve discovered it on Mac Funamizu‘s blog, as he was the one who designed the user interface for a future computer, in the

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iPhone of the Future Video Gives You Chills

The iPhone 4 may be only two days away from reaching your hands, but we stop now and have a look at the device’s future. If things are going the way they are, somewhere in 2030, your Apple handset might look something like this: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LltWG059oNc] This is an incredible video

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