Cuppa Social Laptop Controls all the Household Gadgets

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What say you about a gadget that can control everything you use around the house? Some sort of universal remote control, dubbed Cuppa and also used as a social laptop-like device, to keep you connected to your close and loved ones. Created by Ben Arrent, the concept can be seen in the images below.


This slim portable device comes with a wireless keyboard and monitor, support for Wi-Fi connectivity and it can stay connected to a local Cuppa Server. The latter will be used as a cache server for the info you need and you should know that the concept device also comes with a RFID reader, covering both a long and short range.

Cuppa can be considered some sort of bridge between the desktop devices and the cellphone, but one that fits your home perfectly. This portable gadget is energy efficient and comes with an OLED screen, plus tons of IM and social networking features.





[via Design Launches]