Fujitsu Anderson Gets the Special Designboom Design Award

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Fujitsu Anderson is an innovative laptop concept, created by Ma Yiwei and Tao Ying and it’s also the receiver of the Judge’s Special Award in a Designboom competition. This challenge was organized together with Fujitsu and DA (design association Japan), for the “FUJITSU design award: a life with future computing”

The Anderson is a portable computing device with a square shape and increased portability. Also, this Fujitsu concept has two operating modes: static and in-motion and also it’s got a 2 way hinge, changing the way you use it in landscape and portrait mode. When moving around it’s best that you use this netbook by holding it as an open book, just like in the image above.

This unit measures 17mm in thickness and its interface seems to be optimized, at least when it comes to audio playback. If I were to make an assumption, this laptop would make a great Chromebook…

[via Designboom]