Smartbook Tablet Concept, Some Sort of iPad, But With More Features

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If you’re looking for an Apple iPad rival, it’s not hard to find one nowadays, with all those cool tablets coming this year. For now, we turn to concepts, like the Smartbook device pictured below and designed by In-oh Yoo & Sun-woong Oh for Metatrend Institute. What does this device have as a plus? A smartphone that it can use as a QWERTY keyboard!


Yes, you’ve got it! The Smartbook tablet concept is made out of two devices: the tablet per se, looking very much like an iPad and a smartphone that can turn into a QWERTY keyboard and get connected to the tablet. On board of the main units you’ll find a gravity sensor, so it’ll work in both landscape and portrait mode. You might also want to know that the tablet is compatible with a stylus, used with its 7 inch screen.

You can sync the smartphone/keyboard with the main device and charge them by uniting connecting the units through magnet. Once the QWERTY keyboard is folded, it turns into a cellphone, with a touch display and microphone. Both devices support Chrome OS or Android OS and use a touch interface.






[via Yanko Design]


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