Nexus+ Render Imagined by Designer Loranz Yousif

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Since the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X are almost official, it’s time to find what other potential Nexus phones look like. This is where the Nexus+ render below comes in, created by designer Loranz Yousif.

Nexus Plus concept

This model is inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it has similar a similar size to that model. It adopts big front facing speakers though, just like the latest Nexus units and it also brings a fingerprint scanner discretely placed at the back. The interesting approach here is having the back made of glass and at the same time include a fingerprint scanner into it.

The designer promises an awesome display, design and awesome camera, plus NFC. Nexus+ runs Android 6.0 Marshallow and seems to adopt very slim icons, almost totally lacking a background. Also, speaking of iconography, is it just me or does the YouTube icon look like a razor?

[via Loranz Yousif]

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