Nokia Phone Design Feels Like the Nokia N1 Tablet Turned Into a Smartphone

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Back when the Nokia N1 tablet was first announced, people got excited over it and created a few concept phones based on its design. Basically they turned the slate into a handset and called it the Nokia C1. A similar feat has been done in the concept below, created by designer Kim Wayne.

Nokia phone design 2015 1

The supposed Nokia 2016 phone adopts the rounded edge format of the Nokia N1, albeit in a narrower and smaller format. Seem from the profile, this device feels a bit like an iPhone, but it’s also very slim, which is nice. Bezels are reasonably narrow and I’m willing to bet that Nokia Z Launcher is available here. An USB Type C port and 6 hole speaker adorn the lower area of the device.

Nokia phone design 2015 3

I know the whole purpose of making rounded phone edges is to hold if comfortably in the hand, but aren’t these edges a bit too rounded? If you ask me we should keep an eye on Meizu, since they’ve been rumored to be selected by Nokia as their OEM. Maybe combine their designs with the Nokia N1?

Nokia phone design 2015 2

[via Behance]

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