Wish They Were Phones (WTWP) Episode II: D-roll Laptop Concept

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Let us introduce you to the D-roll concept, a laptop design that made it to our “Wish They Were Phones” section, you know, the place where gadgets that could also be handsets get shown. D-roll was created by designer Hao Hua and it’s based on a typical scroll, being able to roll up after usage.


The device’s straps are used to plug in all USB peripherals and accessories and the concept laptop also comes with a detachable camera, that can be worn on the user’s wrist.

Nobody said anything about OLED, but this concept reminds me of a PSP design that features the same scroll-style approach and a flexible OLED display. Could you imagine a D-roll phone? Or maybe add VoIP/3G/GSM support to the laptop pictured below?



[via Dvice]