Wish They Were Phones (WTWP) Episode III: Moonlight Laptop Concept

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This is the third episode of our “Wish They Were Phones” series, that shows you the latest concept gadgets, that would look great as handsets. This time, we’re dealing with the Moonlight laptop concept, that features dual curved screens.

The bigger screen is a 16:9 one, while the smaller one is a 4:3 display, that reduces the eye stress by optimizing the distance from the eye to the laptop screen.


The lower side display is a touchscreen, that can be used as a mouse and it can run a mini operating system in the background, or just provide additional features to the main segment of the laptop. The frame of this device is controlled by sensors and it can light up in the dark, plus it incorporates a pair of accessories that lift the laptop for better viewing and typing.

I would see this phone as an Android device, a very thin one, modular maybe, so you’ll be able to detach/attach any needed component/module.





[via Tuvie]