Intel Atom-Based MID Concept Rocks Our Day!

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Sometimes, a Concept Phones editor’s day can be changed by a concept such as the one below! We’re dealing with a mobile Internet device, bearing the simple name of “MID”, designed by Jan Rytir and based on the Intel Atom platform. The gadget allows its user to browse the web from anywhere and it packs quite a bunch of neat features.


Among MID’s specs there’s a 47 button QWERTY keyboard with a customizable configuration, an ultra wide LCD touchscreen, an easy to use trackball, 2 USB slots, microphone and audio input, an SD card reader, stereo speakers and a docking connector. The device measures 180 x 80 x 20mm, so it’s quite compact and you should know that this handset also uses OLED technology.

There are also 7 configurable action buttons that can be accessed when the MID is opened or closed. We really love this design, but we’d like to hear your take on it. Neat? Superb? You tell us!






[via Yanko Design]

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  • Toni

    Really OMG!!!! I want one…. man… crazy…. the thing I most miss is usb ports…. It’ll be heaven to plug my 16GB kingston, my Sony T-900 and upload pics to the web… or clean my cams memmory to a pendrive trought my phone!!!!
    And, fore sure it need Wi-fi and Bluetooth…. I want one

  • dave

    computers truly are akin to cars. this is true for this situation in the way concepts are often so sellable – so relatable – so utterly awesome, yet in real life we never get anything like the concepts. Corporate idiots ruined Intel’s possible competitive foothold in the handheld industry. They have laptops and netbooks but it stops there.. and ARM devices are now encroaching far enough that I predict we will have consumer-level ARM-based WORKSTATIONS soon. It’s gonna happen. Motherboard that takes a VIA chip and uses NVidia cards to achieve supercomputer status. This will become the X86 competitor and will probably take Apple back away from Intel. I bet by 2015, Apple either offers multiple architecture choices or is completely away from Intel.

    All of this could have been different if they would have just made some fucking phones.