Apple Netbook Concept Created by Adam Benton, Adds a Lot of iPhone In the Mix

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Yes, we’ve seen MANY Apple netbook concepts till now, but we’ll never get enough, at least till we see the real thing (this summer maybe?). The latest such concept was created by Adam Benton for MacFormat and looks like an oversized iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0.


The Home directory of the device will be stored via an Apple cloud server, while frequently used files will be cached locally. You’ll be able to charge the netbook via a dock and it’ll also connect to tons of other gizmos and gadgets via USB and FireWire ports. There’s also 3G connectivity on board, allowing you to sync with Apple servers, plus a Bluetooth A2DP audio profile.

In case you don’t dig the virtual keyboard, there’s always the option of pairing a hardware keyboard via Bluetooth, as seen in the image below.


[via mobilewhack]