Wish They Were Phones (WTWP) Episode VI: Philips Aurea Remote

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Don’t think we forgot the “Wish They Were Phones” series, once again available t hanks to the Philips Aurea remote control, very much resembling a mobile phone. This sliding remote even has all the number keys needed for a mobile call and even the green and red call/reject call buttons, if you really want to talk about phones.


When the device is closed, it resembles an iPod, but when you open it, it’ll look just like a stylish sliding cellphone. Aurea Remote has its power button at the top and the main function buttons placed in a circular pattern around the OK button, just like on many other remotes.

Only a display is lacking from this “handset”, in order to make it a real mobile phone, but till then, this device reaches our wish list…


[via The Design Blog]