10 Camera Settings Every iPhone User Needs to Know

If you people use iPhone for photography, then normally you just pick up the iPhone, open the camera app and just begin clicking your images. That will work, but there are much more settings and features that are hidden from your iPhone. Moreover, if you have a JPEG image in your iPhone and you want to convert it into JPG due to compatibility issues, then it’s time to get the best online JPEG to JPG converter right now. 

Well, we here going to reveal a few iPhone camera settings that assist you to make the best clicks within no time. Read on!

  1. Flash: OFF:

Yes, you ought to simply leave it off. Bear in mind that when smartphone flash is used in a dark situation, it mostly looks like you people are fighting someone with a blow torch. For better outcomes, you have to try using the flashlight from your friend’s phone instead of from your phone. And, if image conversions are your concern, then open theonlineconverter.com by using the iPhone that offers the best JPEG to JPG converter to turn JPEG into JPG and also allow you to convert one format to another image format. 

  1. Night Mode: ON

This is indicated as an automatic setting, which only kicks in once it gets dark. You can see that the Night Mode feature entirely opens that shutter to let in more light, as long as 30 seconds, which normally individuals’ pros do with their expensive camera for capturing night skies and the like. However, iPhone users normally face difficulty while converting JPEG to JPG image, if you are also among them, then an online JPEG to JPG converter is best for you.

You can give a try to Night Mode handheld, but for better results, you have to put the camera on a tripod. If you don’t do so, iPhone won’t allow you to go to the full 30 seconds, it will just provide you with a second or so exposure. Also, you need the shutter open long for the truly dark shots. 

  1. Live Photos: ON:

It is indicated as a fun feature that comes in seconds of video for your stills. Yes, you can easily make little loops and bounces, but the thing to consider is a long exposure. You could readily get long, milky flowing water by simply considering the Long Exposure trick, and even no tripod is required here. All you need to just take the shot, and afterward, simply tap on the tab above the photo, and choose the Long Exposure feature. Apart from that, you could make use of an online JPEG to JPG converter to convert JPEG to JPG within a matter of seconds. 

  1. Aspect Ratio: 16:9

You have a given choice here. Cinematic, widescreen 16:9, same as on flat-screen TVs, square for an Instagram account, or 4:3, which is the standard, same as the TV sets of the old days. 16:9 indicated as a crop from inside the 4:3 versions, but remember that the wider shots look much better on the big beautiful iPhone screen. Also, if you make videos that are also 16:9, then inserting photos into the timeline becomes quite easy. Moreover, if you want to turn JPEG into JPG image format within any manual intervention, then an online JPEG to JPG converter is the tool you need. 

  1. Portrait Mode:

The portrait is referred to as the stunning way to blue your background. Bear in mind that you people encounter with the option of a wide or even the portrait lens, 1x and either 2.5 (on the 11 and 12 iPhone) or 3x on the 13 Apple. Experts depicted that the portrait feature will always be best with the bigger numbers. Also, you here have the studio lighting choices. We recommend using Studio Light for the most pleasing look and even account with the High Key Light Mono for headshots. And, if your concern involves JPEG to JPG conversion without losing the quality, then simply upload your JPEG file into JPEG to JPG converter and let it change it into a JPG raster graphic file. 

  1. Exposure Control: YES:

No, nor at all the iPhone photography is not 100 percent automatic. If your click is too dark or light, then you ought to adjust it here by using the exposure slider. 

  1. Timer: 10 SECONDS

It is indicated as the most used feature for selfies. All you need to click on the timer, and you can set 3 or 10 seconds to get your best click, which simply provides you with more time to compose and get it right, without having to stick your hand dauntingly to snap the shutter. If you have a bunch of JPEG images and you want to transform them into JPG images, then it’s best to start using JPEG to JPG converter online to proceed with particular batch conversions.

  1. More Filters: OFF:

Yes, here you get a series of Instagram-like filters that include black and white, warm and vivid, and same as the Styles, they will let revert to normal in editing. Besides that, you still shoot normally and then edit in Lightroom after the fact. Also, now you could save JPEG as JPG with the assistance of a free JPEG to JPG converter online right now.

  1. Burst Mode:

You just ought to keep your finger down on the volume up or down button, and then you will be able to swiftly stop action by taking many photos in a row. 

  1. Video Settings: 4K/24

The upside is that the iPhone provides you with so many choices on frame rates as well as speeds. You could use 4K at 24 frames per second that work stunning for a cinematic look. If the storage is an issue, then simply switch to 1080p at 30 frames, or even also ahead to 60 frames if you had like to either speed or slow down the footage. You could use Slow Motion at 1080p at 120 frames per second for slower footage.

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