Apostol Voicu Designs the iPhone 6, Makes it Narrow

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I have seen a ton of renders, concepts and designs of the iPhone 6, but one more can’t hurt, right? That’s why I had a look on Dribble and I found the model designed by Apostol Voicu and shown below. This one is a very narrow version of the smartphone with a matte back.

iphone 6 apostol voicu

It keeps the Touch ID Home button area and leaves the On/Off button at the top, although recent leaks have shown it will be on the side. The volume buttons are still on the side and they look small, rather than the elongated ones from the leaks. The designer seems to think that the key here is to make the phone longer and that should be enough. He did change the look of the back, without opting for a dual tone flash or a dual color choice (no black area).

The edges are a bit highlighted this time, making me think of those special grippy areas on the sides of the Sony Xperia Z2. I’m guessing Apple will combine a proper length with a proper width for the iPhone 6 and not just increase the length alone. An advantage of the higher length is that you can grip the device better, though…

[via Dribble]

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