Samsung Galaxy S6 Metallic Design Has a Nice Back

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We got a new Samsung Galaxy S6 render via email today, one that uses a metallic shell and has a pretty nice back. The front side of the phone is totally unoriginal, since I’ve seen this exact same design before, applied to the Xperia Z4 or Note 4 or other concepts.

Galaxy S6_new

As you can see this time the speakers are at the front and we’ve got a selection of powerful flashes at the back. I see that they are colored differently, so this is most likely a dual tone flash. The case is slightly curved and the back looks rather matter and not shiny, which is not exactly bad. Speculations talk about a 19 to 21 megapixel camera at the back and a front camera with up to 5 MP in resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S6 front view

3 GB of RAM will also be present most likely, as well as up to 64 GB of storage, a dust proof and water proof body and an upgraded Exynos 6 processor. An Intel 64 bit CPU is also an option, by the way. Finally, this Samsung Galaxy S6 model comes with a fingerprint scanner, a Retina scanner, a heart rate sensor and a battery with a capacity of at least 3200 mAh. The only problem I have here is the idea of a metal waterproof phone…

Won’t metal corrode or get some damage after some contacts with water?

Samsung Galaxy S6 metallic finish


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