Former Apple CEO John Sculley Debuts His Own Brand of Phones, Obi Worldlphone

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At the end of August we were surprised to hear there was a new stylish smartphone in town under the patronage of a familiar face. It’s John Sculley, the Apple CEO that ousted Steve Jobs from the company and spent a few decades being bitter about it, after he was also removed by Jobs later on. Anyway, below you can check out an official photo of the phone, dubbed Obi Worldphone.

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 1

Designer Martin Hajek also created a series of comparative renders of the Obi Worldphone and iPhone 6. As you can see, the Obi unit feels a lot like a Nokia Lumia, or maybe that iPod made by Apple and accused of also copying the Nokia Lumia 800 for example. To me, the Obi Worldphone feels like a metal framed hybrid of a Zune and Nokia Lumia 800, with the glass panel slightly lifted.

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 2

The smartphone comes in two versions, SF1 and SJ1.5, both with starting prices under $200, or better said $199 and $129. The products come in October and they’re aimed at the young and posh crowds in places like Africa, Asia and Middle East. Dolby Sound, Gorilla Glass, Sony cameras and Qualcomm plus Mediatek CPUs are in the mix. The materials are an interesting bunch here, as the SF1 comes with a reinforced fiberglass body, 4G LTE and a 5 inch screen, plus flashes for both the front and back camera.

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 3

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 4

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 5

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 6

John Sculley Oby Worldphone 7

[via martin hajek]

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