Apple iPad 4 Concept, Created by Luis Fonseca

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Now that the iPad 3 craze is over, it’s time to look into the future and catch a glimpse of the iPad 4. Luis Fonseca from Portugal had an idea for an iPad 4 concept, that involves a physical keyboard and an interesting design. This new iPad is based on other Apple products blended into a single unit.

The iPad 4 features a built in keyboard, that slides from the bottom of the slate. It features Bang & Olufsen speakers, a 12 megapixel 1080p camera, an aluminum frame and the ability to be easily maintained and recycled. The idea here is to design the perfect laptop replacement and also the complete tablet. With this new device, you’ll forever replace the need for a laptop or netbook. A portable hard disk is also included in this bundle to keep the data safe, but with iCloud out there, I don’t quite see the need for it.

From the looks of the device I imagine that there’s a way to prop up the screen and still use the keyboard, or else the typing angle would be weird. Also I’m hoping for maybe a 7 or 8 inch diagonal here to keep the device portable and turn it into the iPad Mini that everyone wants. What do you say? A quad core CPU would also fit right in!

[via Behance]