Apple iPhone 16 Ultra Concept Video Is Stunning

Just like last year, the minute the iPhone 15 series was out, there were already rumors about the iPhone 16 series. Turns out that we didn’t get an iPhone 15 Ultra this year, but an iPhone 16 Ultra is definitely in the cards. So much so that designer 4RM already has it envisioned in renders and the video below.

This project is actually a collab between 4RMD and Konstantin Milenin. The iPhone 16 Ultra comes with an all new titanium design, with a quad camera system and a 20% smaller Dynamic Island. There are solid state haptic buttons here and 4 beautiful colors: Silver, Deep Red, Jet Black and Sierra Blue. As rumored, the screen jumps from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches, with the thinnest bezels available.

We’re dealing with an UltraMotion Display with 180 Hz refresh rate and brightness of up to 2400 nits. The camera sticks to a main 48 megapixel sensor, which now gets 8K video capture finally and is accompanied at last by a new periscope telephoto lens, with 6X optical zoom and up to 60X digital zoom.

The battery also increases capacity to 5000 mAh, offering 30 hours of battery life. Juiced up via USB-C and also powered by the Apple M2 processor, the world’s fastest chipset.

There’s even a price for this creation, as the Apple iPhone 16 Ultra comes in at $1399.

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