Apple iPhone 7 Rendered by Gurpreet Singh, With an iPad-Like Approach

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Designer Gurpreet Singh has tried his hand at designing the iPhone 7, a device that has received about 10 times more concepts than the iPhone 6s. Well, this design feels very much like a smaller iPad.

iPhone 7 concept gurpreet singh 1

The device is compact and very slim, judging by the picture of its profile. Its camera is still placed in the corner and the iPhone 6 features round corners and finally gets rid of the plastic lines that served as antenna cutouts. I feel that some elements have been oversized here: the Apple Logo and the Home button particularly. If proportions were better scaled…

The side buttons have also changed, to a more flat, slim and metallic format. I see that the iOS interface has changed a bit, with an even more minimalistic approach than before, perhaps too much so. Interesting color combo, but the total lack of gloss may be a turn off for some users.

iPhone 7 concept gurpreet singh 2

iPhone 7 concept gurpreet singh 3

[via Deviantart]

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