Apple iWear is a Bracelet That Turns Into a Flexible Phone

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I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen this concept before… Anyway, meet the Apple iWear, a flexible phone also serving as a bracelet, that can curved smoothly on your wrist. The creation of Sunfer Ho, this device seems to date from before iOS 8, as shown by the older on screen UI.

apple iwear concept 1

The product is sleek, slim and seems to adopt a pretty bizarre top and bottom area. There’s a flexible display in the mix and the iWear also uses a flexible PCB, flexible battery and an antimagnetic material, plus a magnetic flexible body. Apparently, the iWear also includes a projector and even does motion sensing, replacing a Kinect or Wii. It incorporates a microphone, speaker and the material mentioned here sounds pretty sci fi, since I can’t recall a real one that has all these properties.

So, we’re dealing with a bracelet that’s also a phone, it’s flexible, thin, it has a projector and a 3D camera. Well, there would have to be one hell of a battery inside to juice up this gear, or a brand new type of power source to make it work. What do you think?

apple iwear concept 2

apple iwear concept 3

apple iwear concept 4

[via Yanko Design]

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