Ritot Smartwatch Concept Projects Information on Your Hand, Will Actually Get Made (Video)

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While the idea of a projector phone is retried every two years or so, this is the first time I’ve seen a viable projector smartwatch. It’s called Ritot and managed to get over $1 million in funding on Indiegogo, so I guess it’s happening!

Ritot projector watch concept 1

This smartwatch concept is able to project emails, notifications and other info straight onto your hand. Ritot relies on a pico projector and displays personalized content onto the top of your hand. The product comes in 4 sizes, a variety of colors and a special sport band. It will be priced at $120 and available from early 2015 to backers of the project. The smartwatch will also show incoming caller ID, texts, emails, calendar alerts, weather alerts and Facebook messages.

Ritot projector watch concept 2

The projection used here allows the info to be seen both at day and night and thanks to the high quality materials, the product has expanded operation life. Over 20 colors for projection image are available and the projection disappears automatically in 10 seconds. The smartwatch is waterproof, has an unisex design and a 24 or 12 hour time display mode. Ritot is a circular bracelet, that features an accelerometer, Bluetooth, an impressive 1500 mAh battery and light modulators.

There will also be a charging cradle in the mix. Would you buy it?

Ritot projector watch concept 3

Ritot projector watch concept 4

Ritot projector watch concept 5

Ritot projector watch concept 6

Ritot projector watch concept 7

[via Indiegogo]

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