Apple Lens are the AR Smart Glasses You’ve Been Waiting For

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Antonio De Rosa is a designer that has surprised us with some of the most original Apple product designs yet. He usually tackles futuristic stuff and reinterprets the iPhones and iPads in a new fashion. Today he went further, dreaming of the Apple Lens, a brand new AR/VR headset, that is supposed to replace your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Google Glass was a failure more than 5 years ago and it wasn’t even the pricing. It got hot, had poor battery and got into your line of sight, affecting your ability to see around. To be honest, the Apple Lens feels like it draws some inspiration from the Google Glass, but with thicker and wider frames. I see traces of fashionable glasses and an Yves Saint Laurent and Ray Ban partnership.

Tim Cook has been talking about AR being the next big deal for a while now and this may just be the core of the device. The Apple Lens comes with a camera tracking system, touch surfaces on the sides and diopters add on. There are also poli prismatic lenses in the mix. Antonio de Rosa also sees in the mix a Privacy Mode, virtual cockpit for cars and bikes, a fitness mode and the ability to adapt the device’s size to your needs.

Components include graphene cells, a generous touch surface on the sides and the Apple A13 Bionic CPU. The Apple Lens is IP68 certified and coated and polarized thanks to partnerships like the Ray Ban one. The device is fully compatible with iPhones, Bluetooth 5.0 and also works with the AirPods. There’s a frontal lens for Motion Capture and Photography too.

The finishings are policarbonated shell, aluminum frame and titanium. On the security front we got a hand ID recognition mechanism, Face ID and motion capture sensor. It sure sounds nice, but also pricey and I expect something like $2000 here.

[via Antonio de Rosa]

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