Apple MacBook Pro 2 Rendered By Hass. T, Reminds Me of a Lenovo Yoga

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Hass. T has envisioned a new concept device, that he calls the Apple Macbook Pro 2. This model seems to be a multi mode device, much like the Lenovo Yoga models. It uses a touchscreen Retina HD display and it’s a very lightweight laptop, made of aluminum.

Apple Macbook Pro image 2

It has a darker color finish and adopts an improved Facetime HD camera, with all the goodies of the iPhone 6. This model is also a tablet, since you can flip the screen or take it off and use it like an iPad. What you see right here is sort of a teaser for a complete device to come. You can see this model is tent mode and in laptop mode, but there’s no screen separation or iPad phase.

OS X may be the platform of choice here and as one of the commenters on the post suggested, this device would better be named something like MacBook S, or maybe even MacBook Pro S. Or it could just be the iPad Pro with a special iKeyboard of sorts. What do you think?

Apple Macbook Pro 2 image 1

[via Hass. T]

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