Xbox Phone Concept Envisioned by Shobin Drogan, Video Included

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Early in the history of this website, we had a ton of PlayStation Phones and Xbox Phone concepts, but things have changed a lot since then. We’re used to the idea that there’s never going to be a new Nokia Ngage and the fact that Sony has lost its groove in the PSP area. Today we come across the Xbox Phone, a massive phablet imagined by Shobin Drogan.

Xbox Phone concept 1

This model is heavy and not exactly slim, at 11 mm in thickness, but this bulkiness is given by the hardcore specs inside. The Xbox Phone has a triple quad core 3.2 GHz processor, equating a dodecacore CPU. The screen on board is a 6 incher, an AMOLED panel with a 2K resolution and Clearblack technology. At the back there’s a 24 megapixel cam with OIS and triple LED flash, as well as Zeiss optics.

Xbox Phone concept 2

The front camera is a 6.7 MP unit, also with Zeiss optics. The glass has a subtle curve, just like with every Lumia flagship device. Both sides of the phone will light up and double as the ventilation for the graphics card. Xbox Phone has a stainless steel chassis, a glossy coloured polycarbonate is used for the back of the phone and this model also brings high speed wireless charging.

There are also strong front facing speakers included and the X logo on the side serves as the power button. How do you feel about an Xbox phone?

Xbox Phone concept 3

Xbox Phone concept 4

Xbox Phone concept 5

Xbox Phone concept 6

Xbox Phone concept 7

Xbox Phone concept 8

Xbox Phone concept 9

[Thanks Shobin Drogan]

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