Apple Watch 2 Gets a Fresh Concept, With Camera Integrated, Plus New Bands

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Apple Watch was clearly a test, since it felt like it had some unfinished aspects and edges to smooth over. Now there are theories about the Apple Watch 2 and a variety of renders and concepts like the one below.

Apple Watch 2 concept 1

Created by Eric Huissman, the device comes with a slimmer case and a screen with smaller bezels. The smartwatch uses OLED technology, with much higher brightness than before and more vivid colors. We also get a FaceTime HD camera with 1.2 megapixel resolution and the watch features new materials and bands, with built in sensors. The wristband sensors control aspects related to health, like blood pressure and body temperature.

Apple Watch 2 concept 2

An extra size of the Apple Watch has been added, so aside from the 38 mm and 42 mm model, there’s also a 45 mm one. This Apple Watch 2 concept also brings a waterproof case, a GPS module and advanced WiFi capability. We also expect a bump in speaker, RAM and processor, as well as battery for sure.

Apple Watch 2 concept 3

Apple Watch 2 concept 4

Apple Watch 2 concept 5


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